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Our History:

Back in 1927, my grandfather, C.J. Pierson started Pierson Mattress Company. After he married my grandmother, Harriett, they decided to buy a larger building and manufacture new innerspring mattresses. That building is our current location on Western Ave. My dad, Skip Sr., and his brothers Don and Dave eventually joined the business. In 1977, I joined the business to help with deliveries. I soon learned how to make our box springs. Any free time I had, I would watch my dad and uncles perform their jobs. I was eventually allowed to create my first mattress. My brother Steven joined us in 1986 learning the business as I did. All of us worked together creating mattresses and box springs of all sizes and types of firmness. Today my brother and I proudly operate the business. We manufacture our "SLEEPKIST" brand of innerspring mattresses and genuine coil box springs.

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