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Craftsmanship and Construction Details

Pierson's Legendary Comfort:

How do you turn wood, wire and natural cotton into a 'oh-so-comfortable' Pierson's mattress and box-spring set prized by generations of loyal customers? By paying extraordinary attention to materials we use in our beds and to construction techniques carefully refined over the years. The result is a detailed level of workmanship not possible in mass production.

Over our 96 year history, we've perfected the process to add to your comfort and to the longevity of our products.

Here are just a few of our undercover secrets of the bed we'll build for you:

The Pierson's Innerspring:

At the heart of every Pierson's mattress is the steel innerspring unit --- this is where true comfort begins. We use state-of-the-art innerspring technology in different coil counts and gauge wires depending on firmness choice.

Comfort continues with the addition of layer upon layer of luxurious natural cotton padding. Our mattresses are generously filled on both sides of the innerspring unit. We only create two sided mattresses which gives our customers additional comfort that lasts longer.

Then comes our quality ticking. At Pierson's every cut edge of our ticking is hemmed for added strength when seaming two panels together. We select our ticking for breath ability which insures a cool, clean sleep.

And finally the tufting. Tufting is a time tested mattress assembly technique which keeps our abundant layers of cotton in place while making for a cushioned sleeping surface.

The Pierson's Box-Spring:

Correct support for your comfortable mattress starts with the Pierson's box-spring. Built with heavy duty steel coils that are stapled to the sturdy wood slat frame and upholstered with the same natural cotton padding, it is then covered with matching ticking. Its purpose is to provide pressure absorbing support and enhances the comfort and life of your mattress.

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